Allahyar and the legend of Markhor Review : Disgraceful and not suitable for children

In an attempt to copy Hollywood and Bollywood Pakistani film makers often forget their own identity and the audience they are addressing. Allahyar and the legend of Markhor Review by our team concludes that the movie takes this phenomenon to another level. For some it may be one level up but it is actually going down and taking us into deeper troubles. The movie is apparently funded by WWF , like many other Pakistani movies . This is the order of the day because no one wants to invest in a Pakistani movie except for an entity that has funds available for a certain ideological promotion. Now WWF is all about wildlife and creating an ‘Avataar’ like story where the jungle is invaded by a hunter can be a bit boring. Hence the need of humor or ‘dark humor’ as one blogger called it on Twitter. But at the cost of what? We were hoping to bring our children to cinema? Its a shame that the filmmaker promotes it as a children’s movie or doesn’t he? What was the censor board smoking? Is it ok to show a ‘tharki’ cartoon character offering a flower to a female and kissing her hand forcibly? What is happening here?

Allahyar and the legend of Markhor Animation Quality

The first thing that we heard was that the animation quality is supreme. English language newspapers were either bribed or they were not equipped enough to understand the animation industry and in came the marketing posts labeling the quality as good as Disney, Pixar. Frankly speaking , if there is any doubt ask someone who works in animation, it is reasonable but not at par with the best in the business. Moreover its not just about the animation. Bringing out trailers is even easier. You can work more on them. The actual movie has loopholes that need to be seen by a proper eye before starting making castles in wind that we have animated better than X,Y and Z.

UPDATE: Even Express Tribune has retracted the headline about it being as good as Pixar. See here:

The original heading claimed that it was as good as Pixar. You can see ‘pixar-level’ in the URL. The headline is changed though probably after they watched it again or someone objected to it.


Allahyar and the legend of Markhor Voice Over


The second problem is that animation is just one part of the story.Even the trailer was so misplaced one hardly could understand what the story is about and whats happening. That was the problem with the voice over.This is where the difficulty kicks in when animating. Getting the voice over to go with lip sync is extremely difficult and to put it right ‘costly’. This is where an expert can easily see the immaturity in the production.

Allahyar and the legend of Markhor : Suitable for Children?

We were put off by the farting act in the trailer. The humor was a bit misplaced for our society. Then there was this sequence where a character presents a flower to another female character asking for her friendship and then just forcibly kisses her hand. You better call it harassment and it is indicated too , by the way the character screams but then Allahyar is all giggly about it and everything’s fine.

So we asked the question on Twitter and the replies confirmed that this ‘Dark Humour’ was negative for the children. Frankly it is negative to make a joke out of harassment for the whole society not just the children. Wonder what kind of censor board policies we have in place.

We cannot let this disgraceful scene go by and the censor board needs to have a good look at it again. Depicting a male character kissing a female one like this and having the main character of the movie laugh about it is absolutely disgusting.

We therefore advise caution to parents to be very clear about what messages are being conveyed through the content before they take their children to cinema.



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