Democracy is a sham. You’ve all been fooled :US

The flag-bearer of democracy in the world , United States , have given a clear signal to the whole world that it is a country that does not respect democracy when it vetoed a security council regulation which it lost 14-1. The country that has traveled around the world in a bid to install democracy leaving thousands dead in Afghanistan , Iraq , Libya and Syria has been exposed as a result of this vote. The US has been fooling the world in the name of democracy and occupied lands for commercial interests.Many within the US raised voices against the 9/11 tragedy and linked it to the US government and its plans to capture oil-rich lands across Middle East. All those apprehensions sound true now that it is clear that nothing can stand in front of US commercial interests.

US was further humiliated at the general assembly when it lost a general vote 128-7. However US ambassador reminded the UN that it was a farce and it should not have voted against its sugar daddy. The ambassador not only spoke on behalf of Israel wondering why Israel should be part of the UN and at the same time also reminded everyone that they had no right to vote against US dictatorship and like all good dictators their vote would not be listened to and US will do whatever it wants to do.The ambassador clearly humiliated all the nations and its still to be seen if anyone has an iota of shame to respond to this clear bullying.

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