Grey matter to register record sales on Black Friday

Black Friday is going to land ashore on 24th November. The whole of Pakistan is bracing itself for it. Two parties are gearing up for creating record sales on this Black Friday. One party is certainly the sellers who are putting up sales in a bid to earn profits on this commercial festival. The other party is the one that has abundant grey matter available with them. Matter that they seldom use. Both parties want to sell their products but at least one is certain of its success. The ones who sell products may or may not succeed in their bid. That will be decided by a bunch of accountants or a computer program commonly named as analytics but one thing is for sure – the grey matter would witness record sales.

I hope by now you would have realized what grey matter means. The beauty of this deal is that with each passing year we are seeing less and less use of grey matter and it does make some sense to sell something that is hardly used. For some spending money is not a problem. But I guess grey matter is important for everyone. I am not sure if they realize that apart from spending their money they are spending it as well. I am not sure though. I always thought no one likes being fooled and then I met Pakistanis ……

Isn’t the last line a bit unfair? Well yes but my problem is that I focus on one country. I understand singling our fools out might hurt but if it helps let me take the words back and put it like this – We are being fooled just like the rest of the world. Hope that offered some solace …..

Before I write it any further I do not have a problem with products being sold for less. Nor am I against Black Friday because its ‘Black’. As far as I know black is the color of Islamic Flag. But yes corporate responsibility and innovation , when at its peak, can deliver gems like ‘White Friday’  – ‘Gold Friday’ – ‘Blessed Friday’ and the list can go on.

So what happens on this festival? Things are offered for less. The last time I shopped something on Black Friday was totally free. It was a PTCL subscription for higher internet speed. My internet speed was thus boosted and I had a good time with it for 3 months. After 3 months I suddenly noticed a surge in the bill. When inquired it turned out that ‘with great speed comes greater responsibility’. The package was for three months and if you do not unsubscribe you will receive a bill and you will have to pay. With the government utilities you cannot argue. They may ask of you whatever they deem suitable. Nevertheless that episode made me realize that grey matter is important and we should keep using it now and then.

The game is simple. I saw a sale on one internet selling platform. It offered a laptop which had an original price tag of 40000 for only 18000. That was enticing and somehow I needed a laptop back then. So I quickly ordered. Luckily it was out of stock at that time. Only that their site was not displaying it as out of stock thanks to the latest inventory systems in use by these tech giants. So , though I received a confirmation call the product was not shipped for two weeks. I kept sending them mails but did not receive any response. Finally I called up and asked whats wrong. I was told that the product had gone out of stock and was to be purchased by the team so I will have to wait another week. I did and nothing happened. I had to call again and received the same reply. Interestingly every time I called the focus of the person at the receiving end was not to solve my problem rather he/she wanted to ensure that I am still in the deal and I will not decline the order. Obviously they wanted to be very very sure that I will take it before spending their money on the purchase. This is where the grey matter should have come in and asked the question why would such a company offer a discount? But it did not. In fact I waited another week and then out of frustration I started searching for alternate vendors. It didn’t take me long in fact to find a local vendor for the same product. He had listed the laptop at even a lower price. I called him up  , visited him and got the piece for just 12000.

So before buying anything on this black day. Use your grey matter first. Hope this helps.

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