Mahira Khan is the sexiest woman in Pakistan ( in 2017)

Mahira Khan has been voted as the sexiest woman in Pakistan by a certain magazine and it is a matter of great interest for the whole Pakistani Nation. So much so that the news  is above all else happenings in the world in our leading online newspaper grabbing the top spot in the ‘Most Read’ section.

Definitely the appearance of this news at the top endorses the interest of Pakistanis in Mahira Khan and it feels her award was justified. Also featuring in the same section is a news headline , though at number 10 at the moment but  it may rise in days to come. That particular news item says ” Mahira Khan thanks fans for 5th sexiest Asian women award in hilarious video”. We cannot get hold of that video and even if we did it might not have been our editorial policy to share sexy videos (or videos featuring sexy people) with our audiences. Though we would have loved to see the video and comment on it.

However there is a quote from that video perhaps in the same news item and that is :

“Honestly, this time I think I’m just going to take the tag and run with it! It feels great, third time in a row. Being sexy or beautiful for me is really just being comfortable in your own skin,”

Now everything is fine till here. Everyone has a certain lifestyle and the laws of our country allow her to be like the way that she is. Though there are countries in the world who consider such behavior dangerous for the masses but the masses in our country (or at least the English speaking ones) are totally comfortable with this and we have no right to force anyone to do anything.

However we do have right to comment and point out anything that is misplaced. The next piece in this puzzle is the reply by someone which is also part of the news item. This guy is probably someone related to the magazine. Or the very guy that nominated her to be part of the poll that helped her reach the list. His thoughts on all this:

“Mahira Khan has become a powerful symbol of girl power in Pakistan, both for youngsters who have big dreams and for working mothers. She has also spoken up about important social causes including the empowerment of women in Pakistan and been a great ambassador for her country around the world. She has combined all that with how great she always looks. Mahira has shown both inner and outer beauty.”

Now this gets a bit confusing. If we are not wrong she just won an award for being sexy not one for empowering women or for being a working mother or speaking about social causes? or are we missing something?

We decided to check and we found this definition of ‘sexiest’ :


  1. superlative form of sexy: most sexy


Looking further we found these possible definitions of sexy:

  1. (of a person) Having sexual appeal; suggestive of sex.
    The participants in the swimsuit competition are all very sexy.
  2. That can sexually attract or arouse.
    She has a sexy voice!
  3. (of a thing or concept)interestingattractive or appealingquotations ▼
    The manufacturers have launched a sexy new car.
    We have some sexy ideas on how to improve sales.
    Being an undertaker is not a sexy career.
  4. (rare, slang) Sexual.
    He didn’t really like me; all he wanted was for me to be sexy with him.
  5. (mathematics) Used to describe prime numbers that differ from each other by six.
    (73,79) is a sexy prime pair.


We believe no matter what meaning of the word we apply we can hardly find a relation to what the magazine editor commented on the occasion. The word uttered by Asjad Nazir are a bit of a betrayal we feel. While Mahira was pretty cool and comfortable about it Asjad is looking somehow to cover up or distract us from what the true meaning of the word is rather asking us to focus on her work  , her inner beauty and her social causes. Why that? Why we just cannot celebrate the fact that she is ‘sexy’ in the right definition of the word?

We think this begs an answer.


P.S: An edit to the headline has clarified that Mahira Khan is sexiest woman in Pakistan in 2017 as her status might change in 2018 and in coming years she won’t obviously be qualified to appear in the vote as she grows older.

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