Shaan’s Arth stresses that some Pakistanis have an identity problem

We thought it was only Shoaib Mansoor but Shaan’s latest movie Arth proves that maybe a larger section of our society has an identity problem. We are hell bent on following a culture that has led itself and the world to disaster. We refuse to learn the consequences of the paths we are following and try too hard to be something we are not and even worst – something that we should not be.

Shaan’s Arth attempts to copy an old Indian movie with a familiar story of a husband cheating on wife etc. etc. It is now a fashion for young people to joke about marriages , condemn them , think of them as a responsibility they do not want to live with , so on and so forth. Shaan probably wanted to catch in on the sentiment realizing that even the majority of confused youngsters in Pakistan aren’t Americans or Indians by birth and there is not enough population of these misguided viewers in Pakistan for him to make a film to their tastes and ensure it is a hit. The technical issues of the film aside, One wonders why would such a topic be picked in a country like ours? Have all other subjects dried up?

Whoever made the decision to pick this subject up made a bad decision and decisions …. they determine destiny. While focusing on the bigger mistake , the original decision, one must also go down at another level and mention that we feel sorry for the bold and beautiful Humaima Khan whose assets couldn’t save the day.

The revival of Pakistani cinema , if at all intended , is only possible if you deliver something for the masses.Making movies that appeal to only a certain minority in Pakistan only makes you end up getting rotten reviews from the same liberal minority.

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