Turkish Preacher , clean shaven men and hijab

There is a certain hue and cry about a Turkish preacher who has apparently blasted clean shaven men for causing indecent thoughts. We are unable to ascertain what was exactly said as somehow the news outlets these days tend to misquote a lot and twist the words to get a certain favorable outcome. In this particular case the idea behind the news story was to malign or ridicule religion.

First of all it must be understood that religion is something much much bigger than this. Islam , an all encompassing way of life , is not just about being clean shaven or having a beard. It is a global ideology that aims to establish global peace and harmony. With that bigger vision there are smaller processes and procedures on how to go about it. Since religion is a way of life it ultimately is concerned with the human being and thus it contains tiny details like how to conduct yourself. But sometimes these new outlets and liberal propagandists , who perhaps themselves don’t know what they are working against , keep aiming at small details without understanding the philosophy behind it. At the same time we do have preachers who do not explain things the way they should be explained and this also is a cause for concern.

Coming to this specific point , if the preacher said exactly what is being quoted , then he is partially right. Partially because its not only clean shaven men that can cause indecent thoughts.In fact a man can be in a perfectly bad position to have caused any sort of indecent thought yet a bad thought can arrive in the opposite sex’s mind. Lets discuss this guy as an example:

Shahid Afridi Zarine Khan

He is a famous Pakistani cricketer who has a beard.He is even known to attend islamic gathering and preach at them. Yet there is an Indian woman who have claimed to have slept with him.The man has reasonable character and we are not saying that she is right.But the problem is that his beard did not do anything to stop her from coming up with that indecent claim in public.A more recent case study can be his appearance int he T10 league alongside another actress who publicly kept mentioning her liking for him and some tabloid type social media pages even circulated rumors of their marriage.

Then we have these guys. They are also cricketers. They also have a beard:

Clean Shaven Men Turkish Preacher

And since we are into cricketers lets take a clean shaven one as well:

Clean Shaven Imran Khan

Now one thing is clear , even if you grow a big beard you cannot stop a diseased person of the opposite sex to think about you in  an indecent manner. But you may at the same time stop being appealing to some or most of the members of the opposite sex. We believe looking at the pictures again can reveal this without any argument:

Clean Shaven Imran KhanShahid Afridi Zarine KhanClean Shaven Men Turkish Preacher


Another interesting study could be looking at the same person with or without beard. Let’s try that:

Saeed Anwar without beardSaeed Anwar with beard

And here goes for Shahid Afridi :

Shahid Afridi Zarine KhanShahid Afridi without beard


Do the pictures tell a story? Is there a link to indecent thoughts and beard? Does one look more tempting without the beard? Does that happen in all cases? Do tell us what you think of them and then we will wind this up.

Note: This post is  best read with our other post on Hijab. That is related to women’s hijab while this one attempts to discuss men’s hijab.



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