Why was Verna banned?

The last time I watched a Shoaib Mansoor film was back in 2011. The movie was Bol which somehow ended up being on the 14th position of all time grossing Pakistan films. I don’t find it strange but I do remember I had some difficulty watching the complete movie. It was a case of really bad stereotyping and once you do that all your arguments start looking silly. A valid argument may still stand but when you try to mix a lot of things into one narrative without a certain coherence it leaves the audience nowhere. I remember all the praises that were written for the movie and I wondered if some of the guys praising it smoked weed. It was a pretty average movie and even the main character’s performance was over-hyped. That lady ended up in Bollywood where her talents were truly realized and now apparently she is coming back to star in a Pakistani movie.

Nevertheless the topic today is Verna. But it is important to realize the ‘Bol’ formula before I discuss the ban and the related issues. Obviously the movie has not been released yet and I do intend to put up an article as soon as I see it. Seriously I would not have pledged watching that movie if it was not for the ban. The reason being I do not watch just every movie that is thrown at me. I am very selective and I remember after the Bol experience I struck Shoaib Mansoor off my list. I did stumble across the Verna trailer few days back but at the moment do not recall anything nor do intend to watch it again. Somehow these days a lot of stuff is pushed at you by the social media. Most of it is unwanted and yet it takes a fraction of your time. The trailer did not strike anything at all. The fact that I was tempted to watch it was because many praises were hurled at it. I could not understand the reason after watching the trailer. It looked pretty average and did not incite or tempted me to watch the movie. Yet still I might watch it and that is the interesting bit.

I will not watch Verna because Mahira Khan is a great actor or some responsible woman rights portraying artist. I will not watch Verna because Bol was a super hit. I will not watch Verna because Shoaib Mansoor is a great director. I will not watch Verna because it has some ‘progressive’ theme even if that theme was not conveyed in the trailer. I will not watch Verna because I just go out there and watch every movie. I will not watch Verna because Shoaib gave us Vital Signs (or something like that). I will not watch Verna because it is my duty to support the Pakistani film industry. So why would I watch Verna?

I will watch Verna to see why it was banned…

So lets see when the movie releases on Iflix. I have a free account to that thanks to PTCL. I will definitely watch it then and come back with my thoughts on the movie.

But for now I would say : Well Played Censor Board. You popularized the very thing that you did not want to be delivered to the masses. In a conspiracy theorist’s world you would be questions if you were actually helping market the movie.

Pardon me for the title of the post. It is one of the great benefits of technology that our society is reaping. But unlike other famous portals who use this click-baiting strategy I will actually update this post when the answer is found.

Admit it. Its not totally irrelevant as compared to what the others are doing.


P.S: English is not my mother tongue. Anyone who was born to English speaking parents is most welcome to correct any shortcomings in the piece.

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